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22 09 2009


influenced by my first season of working and living on an organic farm, i’m beginning to question WHAT is in the injectable testosterone medication i use, WHO makes it, HOW the ingredients are grown, processed, etc., HOW the pharmaceutical and medical industry perceived folks like me who use testosterone for a reason not listed in any general info about the medication…

one of my main concerns is that this form of testosterone is suspended in sterile oil, namely, cottonseed oil. and because cotton is not a food product, i am worried about the (over)use of pesticides and harsh growing techniques used to produce this product, and also what processing does to the oil, and what i could be potentially injecting directly into my body along with the testosterone.

my search started by contacting a number of local compounding pharmacies. i told them i was looking to find a pharmacy that could essentially splice testosterone with a less harmful oil (like sesame, or even, by gosh! an organic one) but none of the places i contacted did sterile (i.e. injectable oils). two places mentioned the transdermal testosterone patch, which i have some issues with, namely, the dosage (too low?) and the risk of transmission (rubbing off) to people who don’t want those extra hormones in their body. i don’t know what the big draw is about the patch. i guess if i had a big problem with needles and wasn’t in a long-term-relationship i might consider it. but what kind of weird shit is in the transdermal stuff anyway?

the one place i found that compounds sterile oils is in ohio but they don’t deliver over state lines. AND, apparently, they couldn’t splice cottonseed or sesame oil with testosterone because that product already exists on the market and that would be counter to pharmaceutical giants making all their money.

just now, i was looking over the wiki page for cottonseed oil and found three interesting things:
1. most of the references on the website are from the national cottonseed products association
2. cottonseed oils are derived from genetically modified plants (one of the four top global GMO crops along with soy, corn and rapeseed [canola])
3. the cottonseed plant contains gossypol, which has been used as a male oral contraceptive in china. one of the reasons why cottonseed oil is so processed is to remove this offending by-product.

i’m a little put at ease because of how totally “clean” cottonseed oil comes out after processing. but overly-processed foods freak me out in general.

anyway–after little luck with compounding pharmacies, i contacted pfizer and watson, the maufacturers of name brand testosterone (depo-testosterone) and generic testosterone cypionate, respectively. (merck makes delatestryl, which is a different ester of testosterone–enanthate)

watson is unable to give me any information about who supplies the ingredients of their products. (wack!). they got back to me pretty quick, though, and relayed a statement from their phantom suppliers who say the ingredients are FDA regulated, tested annually or bi-annually for impurities and harmful additives and that processing the material removes harmful additives. i want to get this in writing.

my next course of action is to compile info about testosterone for easy reading here, follow up on these ingredient inquiries, and gripe about the difficulty in obtaining this medication as a transperson…




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25 09 2009
ocean c.

i think it’s sweet that i am one of the reasons for not using transdermal, even though i think you could and it would be fine and i wouldn’t grow a beard or anything.

i think this would make a really good zine!!

19 10 2009

Please let me know if you have any luck finding a non-GMO testosterone injectable. I share the same concern that cottonseed oil is nearly always GMO and presumably what I’m injecting into myself is GMO…that concerns me. For the time I have switched to the cream, but it’s more expensive and inconvenient.

5 11 2009

Apothecure Pharmacy – Dallas, TX … Apothecure.com…They can ship almost anywhere. They custom compound T with sesame or olive oil. I think the cost is around $80 for a 10 ml vial of the 200mg per ml.

18 11 2009

thank you for your comments and suggestions. i will update with more info soon.

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